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Our History



Since 80's two boutiques in the Modena's center tell the story of a city through fashion and luxury...



L’Incontro Women and L’Incontro Men came to life thanks to the extraordinary vision of a great buyer,

Cesare Tadolini supported from ever by his soul mate Carla and, today, by his sons Gaia and Matteo that handle

the boutique's purchases and management with his father and the Matteo's wife Marica.

The mission of Tadolini family is curiosity and capacity to grab and anticipate trends, ability to recognize

what people will love, reinterpreting and proposing it to customers.



Now they are launching their e-commerce and finally the whole world

will able to know and love Italian taste and style for the man and woman fashion.

That are the taste and style of L'Incontro boutique… Best Italian Shop!